Electronic control unit for Vehicle

ECU for ESS(Easy Start Systerm:Hill start aid system)

[Profile of the product]

 With this system the braking can be maintained even if you took your foot off the brake pedal after the vehicle stopped. When the clutch is made engaged again for starting, the brake is automatically released.

 This product makes it possible for you to smoothly start your vehicle stopping on a sloping road without moving backward. Especially in the case of a large vehicle, it leads to a reduction in the burden on its driver.




 Hard braking on a slippery road (low m-value road) such as snow-covered road may cause the wheel lock.

The ECU for ESS incorporates a G sensor (acceleration sensor) and can automatically detect the slippage caused by brake lock. In addition, as it can also detect the gradient, the control depending on the magnitude of gradient becomes possible.

[Cooperative control]

The product is equipped with CAN (Controller Area Network) communication system and self-diagnostic function, so it can send the failure information to other ECUs (Electronic Control Unit) or deal with information sharing.


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