Inverter for generator

 The operation of an engine generator before the advent of inverter was not fully controllable.

 The engine generator was always expected to generate an output having a constant frequency of 50/60 Hz. However, its frequency fluctuated by the change of engine revolution speed due to changing load.

 With the advent of inverter, the frequency (50/60 Hz) and voltage of the output became constant and the AC wave shape also became more accurate, regardless of the change of engine revolution speed.

 Because the inverter can produce the high-quality electricity as described above regardless of the quality (in terms of frequency, voltage and wave shape) of input electricity, it became possible to realize the significant size & weight reduction (1/2) of a multi-pole generator system by combined use with inverters as well as the high electric power quality.

In this inverter, its power devices are controlled by microcomputer.

Sawafuji Electric can provide the inverters capable of producing a single-phase alternating current (50/60 Hz, 100 - 230 V) with a range of 1 to 8 kW.


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