Emergency power supply system



  • No power cut
  • As the supply power source of UPS is only batteries, the power supplying time is short (several minutes). To lengthen it, many batteries must be used.
  • So, the maintenance work of many batteries is required.


  • Long power feeding period after power cut


  • There is a non-power period (because a certain length of time is required to start the engine generator).

UGS:Uninterruptable Generating System(Conventional technology)

  • It is possible to restart the power supply within a half
    wavelength of the 50/60 Hz frequency after a power
    cut occured
    (which causes nomal function to computer).
  • Long power feeding time during power cut period
    (capable to cope with a long blackout period)
Users are unable to notice the occurrence of a blackout.
  • Detection of a blackout by computer
  • With the use of an inverter for generator, the AC current to be supplied during a blackout period will be a sine wave with a distortion of less than 1%.
  • The use of DC-DC converter enables to reduce the number of batteries.


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