H2 Harmony®

Achieving "harmony with society" and "harmony with nature" with Sawafuji's hydrogen technology

Achieved producing 99.999% pure hydrogen from ammonia using plasma

Plasma reactor vessel

When plasma flashing

Plasma reactor vessel mechanism

Patent No. 6095203 "Hydrogen generation device and a fuel cell system equipped with a hydrogen generation device"
Gifu University/Sawafuji Electric Co., Ltd./ACT Corporation

Product concept with applied plasma technology

This technology was achived through joint research between Gifu University and Sawafuji Electric Co., Ltd.

Using hydrogen as a fuelPlasma hydrogen-generating fuel cell generator

Provides hydrogen

Hydrogen is used to treat exhaust gasWorld's first plasma non-catalytic denitrification

Patent No. 6085245 "Non-catalytic denitrification device and non-catalyct denitrification method"
Gifu University/Sawafuji Electric Co., Ltd./ACT Corporation

Produces, stores and uses hydrogen

Producing highly-pure hydrogen that can be stored using ammonia and can be used for fuel cell batteries when and where needed

Stores in ammonia

-33℃ at normal pressure or 8.5 atmospheric pressure (20℃)

Stores in a cylinder

Produces highly-pure hydrogen from ammonia

Produces highly-pure hydrogen at normal temperature and pressure

Plasma reactor vessel

Using hydrogen for fuel cell battery

Hydrogen station

Fuel cell generator

Patent No. 6150142 "Energy storage and transportation method and energy carrier system"
Gifu University/Sawafuji Electric Co., Ltd./ACT Corporation

Why ammonia?

Hydrogen transportation means
Storage means
Transportation of liquid ammonia
Liquifies at 20℃ and 8.5 atmospheric pressure
Direct transportation of hydrogen
Liquifies after cooling down to 253℃
700 atmospheric pressure high compression

One ammonia cylinder equals nine cyliniders of hydrogen

Transporting hydrogen in ammonia is easier and more efficient than trasporting hydrogen alone