Relations with Customers

Sawafuji strives to provide products and services that meet customers’ needs, with the highest priority given to customer expectations and trust.
Development of products
To be highly evaluated by customers around the world, the Development Division tackles development issues, striving to establish its position as No. 1 of the industry in the fields of electric equipment for trucks and buses, engine generators and vehicle-mounted refrigerators, and contribute to the development of these fields.
Sawafuji strives every day to achieve craftsmanship capable of moving our customers emotionally.
Quality control system and Service network
Sawafuji continues to improve ourselves by creating a quality control system that conforms to the ISO 9001 management system. We have also created a service network enabling a prompt response to difficulties.

Relations with Global and Local Communities

Sawafuji contributes to the community and international society by conducting itself as an engaged member of the community with due consideration for environmental concerns.
Major efforts made during FY 2018 are as follows. More information can be found on the last page of this report.

- Working with the Japanese Red Cross Society in their blood donation drives
- Get-togethers with people in welfare facilities.
- Volunteer for cleanup activities and traffic safety near our factory
- Offering vaccines to the children of the world
- Participating in local events

Relations with Shareholders and Investors

To ensure fairness and transparency, Sawafuji discloses appropriate information in a timely manner to shareholders and other stakeholders.
IR information
Sawafuji believes that it is important manner for the shareholders and investors to better understand Sawafuji. As a part of our investor relations (IR) activities, we issue a biannual Shareholders Newsletter in addition to materials released at the time of business results announcements.
The newsletter, which contains topics on our environmental activities and new products, is intended to help shareholders and investors broadly understand our activities.

Relations with Distributors and Dealers

Sawafuji which has established systems to sell commercial parts and components, collect market information and provide services by using the networks of its distributors and dealers to fulfill its social responsibilities in every business situation.
In FY 2018, the Company held meetings at its 10 bases nationwide, explaining our policies and strengthening communication with our distributors.
We also held technical lectures to enhance services at these distributors and dealers.

Relations with Suppliers

Sawafuji pursue fairness in the transaction process and procure optimal articles. To this end, we establish trusting relationships with our suppliers under the basic philosophy of “mutual trust and prosperity,” and aim for mutual development and growth.
We are actively communicating with our suppliers by holding procurement policy briefings, general meetings of cooperating associations of Sawafuji, and joint training sessions on a regular basis, and information exchange meetings on a monthly basis.
We also actively cooperate with our suppliers in areas such as quality improvement and cost reduction.

Relations with Employees

Sawafuji values the self-reliance and creativity of each of its employees.
We have established the following systems and measures to ensure the safety of the workplace, health of employees and to provide a rich workspace environment.
We are committed to personnel training based on our policy of employment stability.
Human rights
We maintain a corporate environment conducive to eliciting the desire to work through our response for human rights and a fair personnel system.
Diversity of employment efforts
To support employees’ diverse working style, we have developed, re-employing retired people, employing disabled people, offering child-care leave and volunteer leave system.
Safety and sanitation management and health care
Under the concept that “Safety takes precedence over all business”, we are developing safety activities with the aim of “An environment where people can work with peace of mind”.
We value each of our employees and make every effort to ensure that they stay healthy.