Automotive Electrical Equipment

DC Motor
HV Motor
Control device


Functions Provides minimum rotations (cranking speed) to the engine that is required for igniting the fuel to start the engine Characteristics * Durability: Enhanced durability against idling reduction * Compact and lightweight: Improved installation on automobiles and reduced fuel cost * Variety of lineups depending on the purpose Purposes: For trucks, buses, construction machinery and ships Specification
Voltage Output (mm) Pinion gear Retardation method Circuit system
Cantilever Double-fixed Planetary Internal tooth/th> Body earth Floating earth
24V 4kW φ85
7〜8kW φ115


Functions A generator for supplying power to automobiles by generating power through engine rotation as the source of power. Characteristics * Long operational life and reliability through a brushless structure for commercial vehicles (maintenance free) * Compact and lightweight due to a new cooling structure and our proprietary wire winding technology (*1) Dimensions、Specification
D (mm) L (mm) Stator diameter (mm) Output (24V)
φ123 151 φ118 35A
φ154 175 φ135 60A
φ172 189 φ150 90A
φ211 267 φ200 120A
φ211 291 φ200 160A
φ211 291 φ200 200A

HV Motor

Functions/span> Generates power through the operation and regeneration of hybrid automobiles Characteristics * Compact, lightweight and highly efficient due to permanent magnetic synchronous motor * Achieves an excellent cooling capability using direct cooling by oil Specification
Motor type Maximum output (kw) Dimensions (mm) Cooling method Weight (kg)
Permanent magnetic synchronous motor 90 φ560×L463 Oil cooling 160

Battery pack for large hybrid (HV) trucks

Functions On the hybrid vehicles that use engine and motor, the battery pack supplies power to the motor when starting and accelerating and recovers power from the motor when decelerating. Characteristics Production technology that achieves safe, reliable battery packs.

Control device

■ECU High reliability with installation on commercial vehicles in mind 12V/24V compatible.

Transfer controller ECU

Purpose: Protects mechanical structures such as transmissions, from improper operation by the driver Characteristics 2WD/4WD conversion, converts L0 gear/HI gear through electric control


Purpose: Automatically controls clutch operations and gear changes instead of the driver Characteristics Equipped with motor drive circuit to allow for directly controlling the electric actuator Optimum shifting of transmission speed helps improve fuel efficiency.

Vehicle Control ECU

Purpose: An integrated control ECU equipped with many input/output circuits and communication circuits. Characteristics Allows for adding/changing detailed specifications depending on the automobile manufacturers’ needs. (Can be generally used for vehicle control, data logging, communication gateway, EV control and more.)


Purpose: Management control of the hybrid system so that cooperative control of engine and motor and battery conditions are optimally maintained. Characteristics Equipped with many communication circuits and input/output circuits. Allows for cooperative control with various devices.
■Relays High reliability with installation on commercial vehicles in mind Compatible with large current uses.

Switch Batteries

Purpose: Switches batteries and the electrical system between vehicles on and off. Characteristics

Starting replays

Purpose: Switches on and off the current by opening and closing the contact point to operate the starter. Characteristics Excellent cutoff ability and durability.

Safety Relay

Purpose: Detects engine rotation and protects the starter. Characteristics The starter protection feature is guaranteed to be activated even in low voltage condition when the engine is starting.

DC Motor

Functions Often installed together with a hydraulic pump and used as a hydraulic power unit. Used for a wide range of purposes, Characteristics * Diverse lineup depending on purposes Purpose: Operation of power tilt and trim, bilge pump, general hydraulic unit and cab tilting device. * Corrosion resistant (outboard engines): Improved corrosion resistance because of the design * Compact and lightweight (for installation on automobiles): Improved installation on automobiles and reduced costs Specification
Voltage Output Yoke diameter (mm) Note
12V/24V 120W~600W φ79 For operation of power tilt and trim
12V/24V 100W~120W φ61 For bilge pump
12V/24V 700W~2kW φ90~φ115 General hydraulic unit
24V 300W φ73 For cab tilting