Outer rotor type brushless driver

* Outer rotor achieves compactness, lightweight and high output

* Low cogging torque and low vibration

* Features a self-cooling structure. Can be used as a motor for general uses

System structure

Technical features

Driver Moter
Motor structure/control method Brushless/sensorless control
Long operational life Compact, lightweight with improved heat dissipation "Monolithic injection molding into magnesium housing. Magnetic assembly technology
Lightweight Alminium wire winding technology
Long operational life A technology that inhibits sudden current change optimum FB control Winding technology that does not damage the wire
Responsiveness Responsive. Only 0.5 seconds from 0 r.p.m to 4000 r.p.m. -

Rated output

Outer rotor type brushless driver
New motor product Motors by competitors
Rated output (kw) 1.40 0.45
Max Output (kw) 2.20 -
External dimensions (mm) φ137.2×53.0 80×80×168.5
Weight (kg) 1.05 1.60

Outer rotor type brushless driver

Driver characteristics
Rated output voltage (V) 35
Rated output current (A) 32
Rated output (W) 1,400
Efficiency (%) 95以上
Constitution (mm) L:116×W:40×H:24.3
Weight (g) 205
Output/weight (W/g) 6.83