Swing motor

* The orbit is light and resistant to vibration.

* Resistant to rough road condition

* Oscillating compressor

Swing motor mechanism

When alternating current is applied to a coil at a right angle in a magnetic field, a thrust force is generated based on Fleming's rules. The thrust force is directly conveyed to the piston to compress and pump the air inside. General reciprocating compressors require a system that converts motor rotation into linear motion, but a swing motor does not require one and there is less loss of transmission power.

(1) Smooth activation with low current

Placing the resonant springs in such a way that they counterbalance each other on either end decreases the inrush current at the time of activation, which reduces battery comsuption when mounted on the vehicle.

(2) Increases vibration to compress the refrigerant!

Increases the amplitude of the thrust force generated by the coil using the springs' resonance to compress the refrigerant.

(3)Resistant to large vibration on rough road condition.

Absorbs external shock with vibration controlling springs and bump stopper.

(4) Achives efficiency by controlling with inverter!

Sensorlessly detects piston behaviors and controlls the motor using resonance with maximum efficiency.