Corporate activities based on social criteria such as laws and ordinances and common sense
Basic policy / Code of ethical practice

Sawafuji Electric, in addition to observing social criteria including laws and ordinances, formulated a code of ethical practice in April 2002 in order to conduct fair and sound business activities. The company issued a compliance guidebook in April 2008 in order to thoroughly implement compliance.

Set up of a corporate ethics helpline

The company has set up a corporate ethics helpline as a system for people to report or discuss an issue concerning behaviour that may or does violate laws and ordinances or the corporate code of ethical practice and is working on monitoring and preventing of illegal and anti-social behaviour.
In accordance with the Whistleblower Protection Act, the company makes sure that personal and related information are protected as well as making sure that those who report or discuss an issue are not treated unfairly.

Education / Learning

We hold compliance training for all our employees, including those at subsidiaries, twice a year. We also thoroughly implement and educate about compliance issuing a twice-monthly compliance newsletter and a compliance awareness month.