Environmental Report

In 1997, Sawafuji obtained the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certificate. Since then, it has done its utmost to achieve environmental activity goals, which are set every FY, in line with the Environmental Policy.

Major efforts include reducing CO2 in production activities, managing and reducing substances that damage the environment, and we also are providing miniaturized and lightweight products that are energy efficient, have low emission and that conserve on resources and water.

We have compiled the results of our environmental work in an environmental report, which is included in the CSR Report published on our corporate website.

Environmental Policy

Sawafuji Electric is committed to playing a vital role in building a society designed to pass on a healthy environment to future generations, so we work to provide products and services that meet customer expectations through safe manufacturing practices and to develop next-generation technologies for a new society driven by environmentally sound energy.

  1. We develop and design technologies that will not only enhance performance but also reduce the environmental burden.
  2. We are committed to protecting the environment by assessing the impact of our production activities, products, and services on the surrounding environment, resources, climate change, and the ecosystem as we work with an eye to preventing pollution and making continuous improvements.
  3. We comply with envrionment-related laws and regulations as well as prescribed requirements while ensuring that each employee fulfills his or her social responsibility.
  4. We actively foster communication among local communities as a good corporate citizen.
  5. Established in May 1997 Revised in January 2017
    Sawafuji Electric Co., Ltd. President Akihiko Yoshikawa