STAMFORD Generator

Sawafuji Electric began business with Cummins Generator Technologies (CGT hereafter) in the 1990s. Based on our trusted relationship since then, our company has been designated as their import agent for CGT products in Japan. Since then, our company have made efforts to expand the share in the domestic market, establishing a service network that covers the entire areas of Japan together with service contractors who have thorough knowledge about STAMFORD products.

It is our major focus to help our clients manufacture low-cost yet reliable products through STAMFORD products. Our strength is that we provide prompt technical advice to our domestic clients and maintain high quality, based on unbeatable backup by CGT.

STAMFORD offers generators that accommodate a variety of needs, ranging from 5kVA to 4,000kVA output, existing to multipolar types, and low pressure to high pressure models. STAMFORD products are widely used under various environments around the world, such as on ship, power plants and for other industrial purposes. Sawafuji Electric also offers product suggestions that match the domestic needs, utilizing the fact that we ourselves are a company that manufacturers generators for various domestic markets.

Our products (Land/Ship)

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