ENGEL「MT35」Extremely useful on a boat.

Raise a toast with cold beer!

Bring with you when you go fishing.

Extremely useful on a boat.

We visited a loyal user of ENGEL refrigerators who resides in Aichi Prefecture.
On the day we visited him he was enjoying sea beam fishing in Seto Inland Sea on a boat he borrowed from his friend.
He loaded his MT35 on the boat and was joying cold beer and wine.

ENGEL refrigerator works great on the deck“It is nice that it makes ice cubes as well”
A good haul thanks to ENGEL refrigerator!?
Raising a toast with chilled wine

MT35F-P (32L Digital Model)

A digital model that allows for temperature control. AC/DC compatible. A professional grade with a freezer feature. Includes a battery monitor function.